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Here is dedicated page to help you start sharing your faith on Facebook

Upcoming Facebook outreach day – Saturday, November 24, 2012

How many of you know you have facebook friends who are unbelievers? Yes you do. They need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ intentionally from you.

To help you do this we prepared outreach campaigns so that you take the initiative to share your faith with your friends on Facebook.

How to share Jesus intentionally on Facebook

  1. Prayer: Start praying for your friends on Facebook that God will give you time and environment to share your faith [the target group is your Facebook unbeliever friends]
  2. Your story is crucial for this outreach day. Think about how God changed your life. Try to organize your story before you accept Jesus, how you accepted Jesus and life after Jesus Christ. This is a big story to share. People want to hear changed storys! Here is a link to read how to prepare your story  http://www.cru.org/training-and-growth/how-to-tell-your-story-worksheet.htm
  3. Join the upcoming Facebook Outreach Day event here and follow for more resources to come out and how you can share your faith on November 24, on facebook outreach day.

Please share your comment or ideas, …we like to hear from you!